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Storebrand Real Estate is the gateway and one-stop shop for investments in sustainable Nordic real estate. We provide domestic and international investors access to future-proof real estate portfolios.

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Quality from the very beginning

Storebrand Real Estate is part of Storebrand Group, listed on the Oslo stock exchange, with a history dating back to 1767.

We are recognised globally as a leader in sustainable investment, and ranked by Dow Jones Sustainability Index to be among the top 10% most sustainable listed companies in the world.

Future-proofing real estate

Storebrand is a pioneer in sustainable investments. We are proud to be part of a company being recognised as one of the world's 10 percent most sustainable listed companies, ranked by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

All of our real estate portfolios have achieved five GRESB stars, the highest rating and recognition for being an industry leader.

Storebrand Sustainability Award

Storebrand Real Estate wants to be a driving force for the green shift in commercial real estate.

Storebrand Sustainability Award gives recognition to the real estate superstars - those who challenge established norms and share their knowledge to drive sustainability in the real estate industry.

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