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Key commitments

  • add 1. More on solutions

    We aim to direct more funding to companies that contribute to the SDGs, and aim by 2025 for 15% of our AUM to be invested in companies we define as SDG Solutions companies.

  • add 2. More on emissions

    We aim to have a Net Zero portfolio by 2050, with an intermediate goal of reducing total portfolio emissions by 32% before 2025.

  • add 3. More on science-based targets

    We aim to have the strategies of all companies in our portfolio, aligned with science-based targets by 2050, with an intermediate goal of 42% by 2027.

  • add 4. More on biodiversity

    As a signatory to the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, we are committed to collaborate and share knowledge, engage with companies, assess impact, set targets and report publicly on biodiversity before 2025.

  • add 5. More on deforestation

    By 2025 we aim to have an investment portfolio that does not contribute to commodity-driven deforestation. We are doing this by screening our portfolios and engaging companies and governments in systematic efforts to achieve zero deforestation and zero conversion of forests for production of commodities.

    The areas we are focusing on are:

    1. mining activity and
    2. agricultural production of several commodities: palm oil, soy, cattle products and timber,cocoa, rubber, and coffee. 

Case studies

Explore how we exercise active ownership to influence companies in a positive direction and try to make real-world impact.

Progress report on nature and climate

Storebrand Asset Management releases a progress report on nature and climate commitments.

Ongoing engagement with Meta

Raising concern about social impact and governance issues.

Fighting deforestation

Storebrand escalated its dialogues with ADM and Bunge due to significant deforestation risks.

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