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Scope 3 Emissions in the UK Reporting Landscape

20.02.2024 Lauren Juliff, Climate and Sustainability Product Lead, Head of UK Institutional
It is imperative that companies measure, assess and seek to reduce their value chain emissions to achieve real world emissions reduction in line with ...

FAIRR Progress

15.02.2024 Storebrand Asset Management
Storebrand begins two collaborative engagements on biodiversity in food production

Fiduciary Duty for a Changing Climate

13.02.2024 Commentary by Lauren Juliff Climate and Sustainability Product Lead, Head of UK Institutional
Last week the Financial Markets Law Committee published a paper intended to help Pension Fund trustees integrate climate and sustainability issues ...

Occupied Palestinian Territories

13.02.2024 Storebrand Asset Management
Update on annual screening process and outcomes

Swedish tech rights engagement

12.02.2024 Storebrand Asset Management
Storebrand in new AP Funds Council-led collaboration to address human rights risks in the tech sector.

Forest IQ project

12.02.2024 Storebrand Asset Management
Enabling investors to better understand their exposure to tropical deforestation.

Market intelligence

Storebrand Global Solutions - Quarterly update  

Philip Ripman and Ellen Andersen give a recap of 2023, share their thoughts going into 2024, and take a deep dive into Cyber Security.

Storebrand Global ESG Plus - Quarterly Update

Henrik Wold Nilsen reviews the fund's performance in 2023 and the key influencing factors, and provides updates on the latest developments in methodology related to climate solutions.

Whitepapers: Tapping into secular trends

We believe companies well positioned to deliver on UN Sustainable Development Goals will generate better long-term risk adjusted returns. Explore our whitepapers elaborating on the investment potential in four secular trends and themes - Renewable energy, Smart cities, Circular economy and Equal opportunities.

Solutions Spotlight blog

Get updated on the latest market views and outlooks from our Solution investment team, spearheading our thematic investments in companies accelerating the sustainable transition.

A new era of building energy

19.02.2024 Sunniva Bratt Slette
New implemented EU regulations are slimming down energy profiles of newbuilds – and placing existing buildings on a compulsory energy-efficiency diet.

Navigating Japan’s transition towards net zero 2050

06.02.2024 Ellen Grieg Andersen
Takeaways from our meeting with a Japanese solar company in the midst of the transition.

Slik finner vi løsningsselskaper

01.02.2024 Nader Hakimi Fard, porteføljeforvalter i Storebrand
Et besøk på produksjonsanlegget til selskapet NKT, er sentralt for Storebrands tro på denne aksjen fremover.

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