Policies and guidelines

Find formal documents and regulatory declarations on how we manage sustainability within our investment processes.

About our policies and guidelines

Our policies and guidelines are applied based the formal structure of our business, in which the Storebrand Group contains several companies, including Storebrand Asset Management. In turn, Storebrand Asset Management  contains several operating entities such as Storebrand Asset Management, Skagen, and Cubera Private Equity, among others.

The fundamental principles around  Storebrand Asset Management's entire approach to sustainable investments are anchored in the Storebrand Group's Sustainable Investment Policy. These principles apply to all operating entities of Storebrand Asset Management.

Based on that foundation, Storebrand Asset Management's detailed operational approach to specific themes within sustainability, such as on nature, climate, deforestation and human rights, is documented a further set of thematic and operational policy documents. These documents apply to all operating entities within Storebrand Asset Management Group

Across all of  Storerband Asset Management, documented formal guidelines specify how we handle specific responsibilities such as risk & integration, engagement, voting, exclusions & screening; and on specific reguilatory requirements such as PAIs and the EU SFDR.

Each individual entity within Storebrand Asset Management Group, also has its own set of documented routines based on the guidelines.


Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. Future returns will depend, among other things, on market developments, the manager's skills, the fund's risk profile and management fees. The returns can be negative as a result of price losses. There is risk associated with investments in the fund due to market movements, developments in currency, interest rates, economic conditions, industry- and company-specific conditions. Before investing, customers are advised to familiarize themselves with the fund's key information and prospectus, which contains further information about the fund's characteristics and costs.