Our sustainability professionals

Our dedicated risk and ownership management team collaborates with our investment teams to integrate ESG into the investment and ownership processes.

The Risk and Ownership Team

Responsible for leading the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks into our investment decision-making processes, as well as the active ownership and management of investment portfolios.

Kamil Zabielski

Head of Sustainable Investment

Zabielski joined Storebrand Asset Management’s sustainable investments team in 2021. Previously worked as Head of Sustainability at the Norwegian Export Credit Agency (GIEK), and as advisor at the Council of the Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund – Global.

He has a specialization in human rights/ labour rights, conducting due diligence of companies, and evaluating environmental and social risks and impacts of projects in a wide range of sectors. He has a LL.M in International Law and M.Phil in Human Rights Law from the University of Oslo.

Thulia Machado-Helland

Head of Human Rights and Senior Sustainability Analyst

Machado-Helland joined Storebrand Asset Management's sustainable investments team in 2008. Her specialty areas are human rights, labour rights, indigenous peoples' rights and international humanitarian law. She is responsible for Storebrand's overall active ownership strategy and company engagement. In addition, she engages with companies mainly on social but also on environmental issues.

Previously, she has worked at the Council on Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund – Global, the Ministry of Finance in Norway and as an attorney in the US. She holds a Juris Doctor’s Degree and a Texas State Attorney license. She also holds a Master's degree in International Relations and Development.

Victoria Lidén

Senior Sustainability Analyst

Lidén joined Storebrand Asset Management’s sustainable investments team in 2021. She is based in Stockholm and working with ESG analysis and active ownership with a particular focus on the Swedish/Nordic market. Prior to joining Storebrand Victoria has 6 years of experience working with sustainability within the financial industry.

She holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University (major in finance), including a semester at National University of Singapore. In addition, she has taken several courses in sustainable development at CSR Sweden and Stockholm Resilience Centre.


Emine Isciel

Head of Climate and Environment

Isciel joined Storebrand Asset Management's sustainable investments team in 2018. She leads Storebrand Asset Management's work on climate and environment and our company engagement.

Prior to joining Storebrand, Isciel worked for the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment with multilateral environmental agreements advising the government on sustainability policies and strategies and leading the work on implementing the SDGs. She has also worked for the UN and provided technical advice and content to the SDGs. She holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Oslo, and has studied at the University of Cape Town, New York University and Harvard Extension School.

Vemund Olsen

Senior Sustainability Analyst

Olsen joined Storebrand Asset Management’s sustainable investments team in 2021. He previously worked as Special Adviser for Responsible Finance at Rainforest Foundation Norway, where he engaged with global financial institutions on management of risks arising from deforestation, climate change, biodiversity loss and human rights violations.

Before that he worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Venezuela and with human rights organizations in Colombia. He has an M.Phil in Human Rights Law from the University of Oslo.

Frédéric Landré

Sustainability Analyst

Landré, who joined the sustainable investments team in 2023, has significant experience in analyzing issuers' ESG profiles and green frameworks.

Prior to joining Storebrand, Landré was with the London Stock Exchange Group, where he worked with quantitative analysis and integration of both financial data and ESG data. He holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration from Linköping University, with a major in finance.

The Solutions Investment Team 

Responsible for identifying solution companies, for use across Storebrand Asset Management, as well as for Solution funds: Storebrand Global Solutions, Storebrand Renewable Energy, Storebrand Smart Cities and Storebrand Equal Opportunities.

Philip Ripman

Portfolio Manager

Philip Ripman specializes within the areas of politics, climate change, commercialization of sustainability and integration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as investment themes.

Ripman has held numerous positions within the company, including Group Head of Sustainability. Through his engagement with sustainability, he has advised several governments and institutions on topics ranging from coal exclusions, to environmental impacts of human activities, and policy requirements for achieving international climate agreement targets.

His education includes Master’s degrees in Chinese Studies and Political Science.

Sunniva Bratt Slette

Portfolio Manager

Since August 2021, Slette has worked as a portfolio manager in the investment team Solutions. Her focus areas have been investment strategies within the themes smart cities and renewable energy.

Slette joined Storebrand in 2017 as a Sustainability Analyst. In this role, her focus areas were sustainability assessments for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She was responsible for carbon footprinting of investments and following up green bonds, and worked with the team on corruption, human rights and the environment.

As an Investment analyst for our Solutions team, she focuses on research and portfolio construction of solution companies with products and services that significantly contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She holds MSc degrees in Industrial Economics (NTNU, Norway, 2016) and Technology Management (Ajou University, South Korea.

Ellen Grieg Andersen

Portfolio Manager

Grieg Andersen joined Storebrand Asset Management’s funds team in 2019 as a Project Manager trainee. In this role, she was involved in the project planning of internal processes and communication of the company’s sustainability work. She also participated in the graduate program ”Future Impact”.

She started in the Solutions team as an Investment analyst, focusing on research and portfolio construction of solution companies. In the autumn of 2021 she became Portfolio Manager of Storebrand Equal Opportunities.

She holds a Master’s degree in International Economics (Lund University, 2018) and a BSc in International Business in Asia from Copenhagen Business School (2017), including a semester at Fudan University in Shanghai (2016).

Nader Hakimi Fard

Portfolio Manager

Hakimi Fard joined Storebrand Asset Management in September 2022. He is a Portfolio Manager in the investment team Solutions where his focus is on renewable energy. 

Prior to joining SAM Hakimi Fard has 11 years of investment experience from his roles as an analyst and portfolio manager. 

He holds a MSc degree in Business Administration from Linköping University (2008), including one year of studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina at Universidad de Belgrano (2005) and Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (2006).


Responsible for integrating ESG into the primary and secondary fund strategies of Cubera, a boutique private equity firm that is part of Storebrand Asset Management.

Urs Bitterling

Chief Sustainability Officer

Skagen Funds

Responsible for integrating ESG into the investment strategies of Skagen, a boutique investment firm that is part of Storebrand Asset Management.

Sondre Myge 

Head of ESG

  • Myge is a specialist within responsible investments and works closely with the Portfolio Team
  • Started in SKAGEN in 2019 as the ESG specialist 
  • Energy Broker, ICAP Energy 
  • MSC Political Economy of Europe, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • MA (Hons), International Relations, University of Edinburgh

Karoline Hatlestad

ESG Data Analyst

Storebrand Real Estate

Responsible for integrating ESG into the processes of Storebrand Real Estate, which owns and manages the assets in our real estate portfolios.

Unn Hofstad

Head of Climate and Environment, Storebrand Real Estate

Rune Stenbro


Henrik Svensson


Fredrik Stake


Kari Härm


Kristian Barlebo

CDO Capital Investment AS

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Henrik Wold Nilsen

Senior Portfolio Manager

Nilsen joined Storebrand Asset Management in 2010. He has a Master's degree in theoretical high energy physics from the University of Bergen (2005) and a doctorate in experimental high energy physics from the University of Freiburg, Germany (2009), which was followed by a post-doctoral position in Freiburg in connection with the CERN research lab in Geneva (2009-2010).


Johanna Lundgren Gestlöf

Head of Sustainability, SPP

Gestlöf has experience from projects with commercial focus such as corporate/growth strategy, commercial due diligence and cost-out, and has been exposed to private equity, industrial goods, aviation, financial services and med-tech industries.

Gestlöf holds an MSc in Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and has experience from the political and non-profit sphere in Sweden.

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