World Water Day

The growing need to solve water management challenges is of prime interest for society and investors

By  Sunniva Bratt Slette

Did you know that it's the World Water Day today?

March 22nd each year is dedicated to our most precious resource, which is essential for life on Earth.

A staggering 2.2 billion people worldwide still lack access to safe drinking water. Cities struggle with droughts and floods as a consequence of rapid climate change. Both countries, companies and citizens therefore need to finance infrastructure that provides water management solutions, either directly or indirectly.

I feel privileged to manage a global equity fund with "Water Management" as one of three investment themes that underpin smart city development. The goal is to create #ValueBeyondReturn through profitable business models that offer concrete solutions to societal challenges. Within water management, I have singled out three sub-themes of particular interest for investors: Water purification, water infrastructure and water technology.

Examples are water pipes, storage chambers, software to monitor water flows, water treatment and nature-based solutions that keep the water where it's useful, distribute clean water and guides the valuable drops back to the ocean to restart another natural water cycle.

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. is one of the innovative water management companies in my portfolio that have been vocal today. The American stormwater and wastewater management firm has highlighted the need for a life cycle approach to safeguard water resources. The company reported that only last year, there were 27 stormwater disasters in the United States that cost more than USD 1 billion. Each!

Urban planning with water at the core can be both smart and economically beneficial. Safeguarding water may save both companies and cities for significant sums of money in damages to infrastructure.

See more info about the World Water Day from the United Nation here.

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