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Storebrand Asset Management provides a comprehensive range of equity funds within the categories of actively managed funds, quant factor funds, index-linked, and solutions-oriented ESG funds.

Our equity strategies

With over 25 years of experience with sustainable investments, we are at the forefront of responsible investing, and all of our funds follow Storebrand's ESG standards.

Active equity

Idea generation and analysis are keywords in active management. We offer a variety of equity strategies under the following brand names; Storebrand, Delphi, and Skagen.

With different investment styles and geographic fields, the three management environments complement each other in portfolio solutions.

Active solutions

Our active solutions operate with a solutions company whitelist which consists of companies that significantly contribute to sustainable development without causing substantial harm to the environment or society.


Factor investing

We have designed our family of factor funds to fill the gap between actively managed funds and index-linked funds concerning risks, ROI opportunities, and price. All the funds are geared towards individual style factors and macroeconomic factors.


Passive investments

Our index-linked management differs from our competitors by Storebrand's standard for sustainable investments.

Through the launch of the index-linked ESG-optimised funds and fossil-free alternatives, we have taken the index-linked management a significant step further.

Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. Future returns will depend, among other things, on market developments, the manager's skills, the fund's risk profile and management fees. The returns can be negative as a result of price losses. There is risk associated with investments in the fund due to market movements, developments in currency, interest rates, economic conditions, industry- and company-specific conditions. Before investing, customers are advised to familiarize themselves with the fund's key information and prospectus, which contains further information about the fund's characteristics and costs.