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Opinion: Closing the global biodiversity funding gap is addressing systemic challenges

22.05.2024 Emine Isciel, Head of Climate and Environment
Aligning financial flows to reach the global biodiversity goals in the “decade of delivery”

In Focus Q1 2024: Transparency

15.05.2024 Storebrand Asset Management
A critical enabler for achieving sustainable investment

Yes, CSDDD isn’t perfect - but it’s still a great start

26.04.2024 Kamil Zabielski, Head of Sustainable Investment, Storebrand Asset Management
The soon-to-be approved EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive could mark a turning point in business accountability

Market intelligence

Storebrand Global Solutions - Quarterly update  

Ellen Grieg Andersen and Sunniva Bratt Slette summarize portfolio changes in Q1 2024, provide insight in how macro movements influence the fund and go through a case study of the renewable energy and smart cities investment themes. 

Storebrand Global ESG Plus - Quarterly Update

Henrik Wold Nilsen reviews the fund's performance and the key influencing factors, and provides updates on the latest developments in methodology related to climate solutions.

Market outlook

A monthly Market outlook is presented by the Allocation and Global Fixed Income team in Storebrand Asset Management.

They give an overview of recent market developments and macroeconomic conditions, as well as our over- and underweight positions. 

Whitepapers: Tapping into secular trends

We believe companies well positioned to deliver on UN Sustainable Development Goals will generate better long-term risk adjusted returns. Explore our whitepapers elaborating on the investment potential in four secular trends and themes - Renewable energy, Smart cities, Circular economy and Equal opportunities.

Solutions Spotlight blog

Get updated on the latest market views and outlooks from our Solution investment team, spearheading our thematic investments in companies accelerating the sustainable transition.

Oslo Excels in Smart City Index

03.05.2024 Sunniva Bratt Slette
Oslo can pride itself on being ranked second smartest city in the world, according to the recently launched 2024 Smart City Index.

World Water Day

22.03.2024 Sunniva Bratt Slette
The growing need to solve water management challenges is of prime interest for society and investors

The tyrannies of ESG investing

22.03.2024 Philip Ripman, Fund Manager for Storebrand Global Solutions
Defending situational wisdom of sustainability against pressures of singular objectivity

News in Norwegian

Norske nyheter

Bygger på sterke trender

03.05.2024 Storebrand Asset Management
Infrastruktur er blitt en viktig byggekloss i mange investorers portefølje. Storebrand er intet unntak. På globalt nivå har aktivaklassen vokst med ...

Rentetoppen er nådd – hva nå med likviditetsfond?

09.02.2024 Storebrand
Hvor lenge varer festen i rentemarkedet? Storebrand-forvalter Sigve Stabrun tror det er gode utsikter til solid avkastning også i 2024, men forteller ...

Slik finner vi løsningsselskaper

01.02.2024 Nader Hakimi Fard, porteføljeforvalter i Storebrand
Et besøk på produksjonsanlegget til selskapet NKT, er sentralt for Storebrands tro på denne aksjen fremover.

Norske rentefond – status ved årsskiftet

Våre renteforvaltere Sigve Stabrun og Per Inge Heggem oppsummerer 2023 og deler sine utsikter for 2024.

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