About us

Leading Nordic real estate manager

Storebrand Real Estate is the gateway and one-stop shop for investments in sustainable Nordic real estate. Local and international investors partner with us to build long-term and future-proof Nordic real estate exposure.

Full life-cycle approach

Our business involves all sides of real estate management throughout the property life cycle.

This includes investment management, asset management, property management, project management and letting services. It also includes thorough work and expertise within ESG as well as technology and innovation management.

Quality in everything we do

When investing in real estate, we focus primarily on a the quality of the location, the standard and potential of the property, and outlooks for cash flow growth.

Nordic reach

We have 70+ real estate professionals working out of offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Our feet on the ground provide investors with attractive deal flows and investment opportunities.

Our history

Storebrand Real Estate is part of the Storebrand Group, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, with a history dating back to 1757. We are recognised globally as a leader in sustainable investment, and among the top 10% most sustainable listed companies ranked by Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Sustainability is at the core of our real estate business, and our passion is to develop green, healthy buildings and workspaces for our tenants and society at a large. Investing in buildings of high quality and with great location has been important from the very beginning, and our portfolios contain some of the most attractive properties and projects.


Real estate management
on behalf of Storebrand
Life Insurance


Expanded real estate business
to Sweden through Storebrand


Established Storebrand Real Estate Norway, becoming Norway's largest unlevered real estate fund


Introduced the pan-Nordic
Storebrand Nordic Real
Estate fund


Expanded to Denmark
with the acquisition
of Capital Investment

Properties and projects

Our portfolios contain some of the most attractive properties and projects.

Take advantage of our extensive range of Nordic-based funds and mandates.

We take pride in developing green, healthy buildings and workspaces.

We are powered by 60+ people working out of offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

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