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Results 3rd quarter

Improved results despite turbulent times

Capital Markets Day 2023

Storebrand will host a virtual Capital Markets Day on December 13, 10:00-13:00 CET. 

The presentation will be held by Storebrand's executive management with a focus on the company's growth strategy and ambitions.

An update on the implications from higher interest rates, the balance sheet and solvency position, and capital and cash generation will also be provided. At the end of the presentation, a Q&A session will open for investors and analysts. 

Annual Report 2022

Sustainable value creation for customers, shareholders, and society at increased speed and growth, and with a strong balance sheet.

Storebrand share price

Financial calendar

7 February 2024Results Q4 2023
14 Mars 2024Annual Report 2023
4 April 2024Annual General Meeting
24 April 2024Results Q1 2024
12 July 2024Results Q2 2024
23 October 2024Results Q3 2024



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